Royce Castro Hype City Interview SOLD OUT DMX SHOW

Hype City came through a sold out show to interview Royce Castro and talks about opening for DMX live at TLA in Philadelphia Pa

Royce Castro Source Magazine write up

IMG_3176For the 1st time ever Royce has a project to land on a major magazine via The Source

Phukk Out My Zone now on Spotify

Stardom Magazine 101 : Who Got Next Edition


This month Royce Castro is featured on the front cover and write up of Stardom Magazine 101 Who Got Next. Royce sits down with Stardom for an in depth exclusive on growing up in Lawnside, New Jersey the art of lyricism and more . Click this link to purchase your order now

Up close and personal with SKILLY MAGAZINE

img_2829Up close and personal interview with Skilly Magazine

Small Town Big City Dreamz Episode 4

In episode 4 Royce takes you a day in the life celebrating Memorial Day with family while introducing you to some of his childhood heroes growing up. After that is live footage of the bone thugs and Harmony tour show where Royce opens for them celebrating 20 years of the crossroads he’s been a fan since 5th grade

Royce Castro – Small Town Kid Big City Dreamz Episode 3

The Journey continues the road has headed towards a night at the TLA in Philadelphia Pa where Royce opens up for the one and only legend Scarface on his Icon Tour appearances made by Malloree Knockz, Mr. Fickle, Ky Kareem, Corey Mills and Boom 107.9 and jerseys own Dj Jayski stay tuned for the next episode

Royce Castro – Small Town Kid Big City Dreamz Episode 2

Small Town Kid Big City Dreamz Episode 2 Royce And Corey Mills take you on a journey to Princeton New Jersey home base of Wprb 103.3 Side B Radio hosted by Phil Jackson talking about the Scarface Icon Tour Show in Philadelphia Pa and then stopping over Trap Inspiration member Malloree Knockz crib just bugging out stay tuned more to come